6/27/18 - Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation: what is it and why should I do it? 

What and Why? Wedding dress preservation is a way to keep your dress clean and free from yellowing over time. On your wedding day a multitude of stains can occur, whether it is from a spilled drink or from taking pictures outside, stains are part of the party! Rest assured, our preservation partners can remove stains from sugar, dirt, grass, pen, blood, sweat, food, and makeup. Afterwards, your dress will be looking as good as the day you bought it. The fabric used in wedding gowns is all natural causing the dress to yellow over time if you choose to not preserve it. To prevent yellowing and lifetime protection, wedding dress preservation is the best option. 

What is the process? The process of getting it persevered is extremely easy. All you have to do is bring your dress into our store in any condition (it does not matter if you bought your dress through us or not) and then your part is done until it's ready to be picked up. We will then prepare your gown for preservation. Aside from your gown you can also choose two items to be preserved with it (veil, belt, garter, etc.). It will be examined for stains or tears so the cleaning and repairing process can begin. And not to worry - the chemicals used to preserve your gown are organic and natural. 

How long does it take? Once the gown is received, it can take around anywhere from 3 to 10 weeks depending on the size and condition of your gown. 

What does the packaging look like? Your dress will come in a cardboard box with a clear display window. Both the box and the window are coated in a UV resistant sealant to keep from light  damage. Below is an image of the traditional preservation kit. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 12.44.05 PM.png

If there are anymore questions on the process or cost of everything feel free to call! Preserving your dress is the best way to preserve the memories of your wedding day!

Love, PB 

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Reagan Prescott