6/6/18 - What to Expect in an Appointment?

What to Expect in an Appointment? 

You just said “yes” to your true love, but what comes next? DRESS SHOPPING! Finding the perfect gown is exciting and scary all at the same time. To try and calm your nerves, we want to explain what you should expect in an appointment and answer some questions you might have.

What to expect? In an appointment, you will receive one on one time with your consultant so do not be afraid to be critical! We are here to help you find the perfect gown so go ahead and tell us your likes and dislikes.

How long does an appointment last? An appointment can last anywhere from 1.5-2 hours so take your time. You have enough time to try on different styles until you find one you like. 

How soon should I start shopping? It can take around 15-20 weeks for a dress to be made for you so the sooner you start shopping the better! 

How do I determine my dress budget? Establish a budget with anyone helping you purchase your dress! Remember, the inspiration for your dress must be consistent with the budget you determine. You can't have high expectations with a low budget. Work with your consultant - show her pictures, ask questions and she will do her best to find a gown that you love that is also within your budget. It's always helpful to have a bit of flexibility as your taste and vision may change a little as you're trying on. 

How many people should I bring? Feel free to bring people with you to an appointment, but the smaller the group the better! Choose those closest to you that understand your style and budget and will honor your decisions because it is your day! 3 is always a great number. 

What type of undergarments do I wear? When it comes to undergarments, nude colors are best! A lot of dresses are worn without a bra (believe us - you will have wonderful structure to go braless), but nude underwear will help you get the full experience of a dress. Nothing will ruin a white gown like hot pink underwear. And yes - you MUST wear underwear!

Ivory vs True White: One more important factor to know when dress shopping is, the majority of gowns come in ivory but ordering white is always an option. Why? Ivory tends to be a bit more flattering, it typically photographs well and is more flattering on the skin.

We hope this helped answer a few questions and concerns about dress shopping, but if you have any more do not be afraid to ask! This day is all about you so go ahead and get every question out in the open. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Its not everyday you get to wear an extravagant gown and marry your most favorite person. 

Love, PB


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Reagan Prescott