7/11/18 - Wedding Dress Myths

5 Wedding Dress Myths 

1. Your dress has to be white. 

*Plot Twist* most dresses do not come in true white!! It is also YOUR day, so if you want to wear a blush pink dress or a tan dress go for it girl! You will be a beautiful bride no matter what you're wearing. 

2. You have to bring your whole bridal party. 

WRONG! You do NOT have to bring everyone in fear they might feel left out. The more people with you the more stressed out you might become. Pick those closest with you and bring the rest of your bridal party with you whenever you go to pick up the dress later on. That way, your bridal party will feel included in the wedding dress process. 

3. Do not choose the first dress you try on. 

Why not pick the first dress you try on? There is NOTHING wrong with that. Of course you should try on a few more dresses just to compare, but if you keep coming back to the very first dress you tried on then go for it. There is no rule on how quick you should find the dress. 

4. You will cry when you find your dress. 

If you're an avid "Say 'Yes' to the Dress" watcher, then you might assume you are supposed to cry and freak out once you find your dress. In reality, all that is staged and most likely you will not cry. Do not feel ashamed if you do because as girls we are very emotional, but if you do not that is also okay. You can fall in love with a dress without the tears. 

5. You have to have straps for support. 

Whether you are big busted or small busted, you CAN wear strapless. When a wedding dress is altered to your body it will not move. Strapless wedding gowns are different than your typical strapless dress where you have to constantly pull it up all night. Wedding dresses are made to stay up on its own without you needing to pul it up every 5 minutes. 

Love, PB 

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Reagan Prescott