Still not sure if we can be of help? The answer may be right in front of you. Read through some frequently asked questions and if you don’t see an answer to your question then please say hey using the form on our contact page!

Q. How many people should I bring to my appointment?

A. We are a small, intimate boutique so to best serve you and your guests, we recommend three! We do have limited seating so if you do have more than three, we ask that you let us know at the time of your appointment. 

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Q. How long do appointments typically last?

A. Typically appointments are 1.5 - 2 hours!

q. What undergarments should I bring?

A. We recommend nude panties and a nude strapless bra if you have one but it is not required. We can work with whatever you are comfy in.

q. What can I do to make the most of my appointment?

A. Come relaxed! If you have pictures to help convey to us the vision you have for your dress - great! If not, just come with an open mind. Dresses in real life are very different than Pinterest! Trust us to work for you so you can have all the fun!

Q. How long do dresses to take to come in? When should I start shopping?

A. Dresses can take anywhere from 15-20 weeks to come in. You should also allow time for alterations. Rush options are available if needed. We'd be really happy to see you 9-12 months before your wedding. 

Q. Can I take pictures of the dresses?

A. Of course! We recommend pictures after you have narrowed it down to about three. If you take pictures of every dress, you will be quite exhausted after your appointment and will leave with a storage issue on your phone as well as an overwhelming need to overanalyze yourself in dresses you don't even intend saying yes to.

We really recommend not taking any pictures until you've said YES!
Then take as many as you'd like. You will know when you know! Pictures are not the deciding factor.