Get to Know Us!

Located in Edmond, Prescott Bridal is a family-owned bridal boutique operated by your new best friends!
Our store is a collaboration of a love – for fashion, fun and people!
You will receive the honesty of a sister, the kindness of a mother and the awesomeness of a friend in our store. 


Meet Reagan.


I'm always asked how I got here. Well, I had NO IDEA what I wanted to be when I graduated college - so I went to New York for an internship at Kleinfeld Bridal and fell in love. I was so interested in the psychology behind meeting someone and quickly trying to get to know them, so well that I could successfully help her find her wedding dress. 

When you come in, we will chat on the couch for a bit. I like to know who you are, what you do for a living, how you met your fiance and I love finding things we have in common. That tells me a lot about your bridal style and what you'll be looking for in a wedding dress.

There is nothing I love to see more than our brides on their wedding day with the biggest smile and their future husbands nearly melting just looking at them. Although your wedding dress is a single yet big part of your wedding, I love to see you smiling and think "I helped her feel really special and beautiful on her wedding day!"


meet the Shop Girls



Last spring, I was looking to fill a position after our store manager left for Chile! The thought of posting a "help wanted" ad made me cringe. I had never hired anyone I didn't know really well. I couldn't care less what your resume reads or if you know nothing about wedding dresses, as long as you are extremely friendly and you let me love you a lot (I have a tendency to collect friends!) After a day or two of prayer and asking Jesus to send me the perfect person, HE DID! No ad, no word of mouth, nothing! Savannah just emailed me out of the blue and said "hey! I want to work with you!" So we met on Face time and fell in love and now she works here and is AWESOME! Savannah is everything cool about a girl. She is really smart and creative and funny and gorgeous and sweet and can fix anything with a screwdriver. She just makes you feel understood and important and I love that! And you will love her! 



It's impossible to out-nice Katie. She is so incredibly sweet and has such a contagious smile. Katie is a former Prescott bride so she certainly understands how important the wedding dress shopping experience is. Katie is also really creative. She really listens to what your looking for but is great at pulling some things you might be hesitant to try. I always love sitting back and watching her work because it's really inspiring to see the way she personalizes each appointment! She has a wonderful eye for fashion and can help with those finishing touches like veils & earrings - those special things that make your dress POP! How lucky a bride could be to have Katie help you find your dress! 


McKenzie, Kenz whatever you call her she is WONDERFUL! Per the usual I was looking for one more sweetheart to complete our team. I was hoping the Lord would send the perfect person my way and He did. Kenz (a best friend of my sister's) called me shortly after she returned from Disney World where she was multiple characters for the summer - so cool. She had just come back to Oklahoma and was looking for a job. Well the stars aligned and here we are. Kenz has such a calming spirit. She is currently planning her own wedding so to be able to have the perspective of a bride herself is really valuable. She is great at listening to brides and helping them feel confident while they are working with her. She does a wonderful job at treating each bride like they are the only customer she's ever had. What a wonderful gift to make people feel special! And yes, she will sign autographs as any Disney princess of your choice.